Was a Photojournalist for The Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald Miami’s Spanish Language news paper published by Mc Clacthy. He covered news, locally and abroad for this daily during 28 years until his retirement in 2018.

Koltun was the first media photographer to be allowed to travel to Cuba 1n 1994. His photo graphy portrayed the unknown images of the inside of Cuba at that time. prior to that he spent more than 35 years covering hard breaking news for Agencia EFE, and other news papers, traveling through Nicaragua, San Salvador, Guatemala , Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay Venezuela , Costa Rica, Colombia, Mexico, Honduras, Republica Dominicana, Panama and Haiti.. Some of Koltun’s most prominent projects have been the Mariel boatlift saga, the war Nicaragua and el Salvador in the 1980’s coverage of the inaugural ceremony of President George Bush in 1988, Washington DC.

Cuban rafter in 1994, on their journey from Cuba, Panama, and Guantanamo Bay, photographs of Cuban President Fidel Castro Ruz in Cuba and during to Venezuela and Panama, Ecuador, covera ge in photos of Pope Paul travel to Miami and Queen Elizabeth’s visit to Miami, as well as the travels of several Latin American presidents.

He also covered the tragedy of illegal Cubans in “ Cayo Perro ” ( The Dog Rock ) in 1997 where five Cubans died, among two minors: Adianette Tamayo Rodriguez 13 years old and her sister Camila.4 the Elian Gonzalez, “the little rafter” saga, in Miami in 1999; the mutiny of Cuban inmates in Martin- ville, Lousiana and also during 1999, the story 20 years later , a coverage of Cuban refugees in the embassy of Peru in Havana. Cuba, as well as coverage of some of those refugees who live in preca rious conditions in Pachacamac, Peru 20 years later.

Koltun traveled to Caracas, Venezuela to cover “The Vargas Tragedy” landslides and flooding which killed almost 20,000 people in 1999. He covered in Nicaragua and Honduras Hunger in Central Ame rica, in 2001 and coverage of the inaugural ceremony of Presidenty Lucio Gutierrez in Ecuador in 2002. Koltun has traveled extensively through Central and South America for diverse political events. the most recent story “A Deadly Mistery” and “Los Campos de la Muerte” in Nicaragua 2007.

Roberto Koltun has received numerous awards for Journalism Photography among others many from The National Association of Hispanic Publications, from Inter -Press {Photo in 1976 (an International Award), from Sociaty of News Design in 1994 for a portfolio published by The Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald.

In 1992 The Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald Staff covered the Hurricane Andrew for which received the 1993 Pulitzer Prize Gold Medal for Meritorious Public Service.

The Profesional Journalist Socieaty (SPJ) granted me the Sigma Delta Chi award of 2010 in the news flash category for my photojournalist work of the desvatating earthquake in Haiti. A few hours after the earthquake ocurred in Haiti on January 12, 2010, reporters and photographers from The Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald flew to Haiti for the coverage of the disaster, the assignment lasted several months. As the result of a magnificent job both newspaper were short listed for the Pulitzer Price in the news flash category.

The Miami Herald and El Nuevo Herald were recognized by the prestigious Sociedad de Directores de Periódicos de la Florida that awarded the Gold Medal nomination to both newspapers in the Public Service Category.